Last updated on: 19 May 2024
15-06-2022 - 31-01-2023

SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG)
Full Time
This training programme helps businesses and companies visual-ise, digitise and automate their workflow so that they can achieve their productivity goals.
Ability -
A1. Analyse release components
A2. Coordinate with rele-vant stakeholders on release scheduling to align release processes and procedures
A3. Select appropriate scripts and tools for inte-grating and deploying software products
A4. Configure software products to integrate and deploy software releases to various plat-forms
A5. Execute configuration tests on platform specific ver-sions of software products in line with testing procedures
A6. Di-agnose issues surfaced from configuration testing
A7. Identify potential improvements and modifications to the software configu-ration and deployment process or the software code
A8. Imple-ment modifications to platform-specific software products and processes
Able to possess WPLN Level 5 or “N” Level Qualifications.
At least 1 year of experience in the work process
Training Provider Information
Course Contact Information
Miss Nur Nabillah Azman