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18-04-2022 - 30-09-2024

SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG)
Full Time and Part Time
A competent individual must be able to successfully perform the following in accordance with organizational procedures:
1) Identify  requirement of the automated system requirements.
2) Able to write specifications of the system.
3) Able to make propose for the system.
4) Design the mechanical system.
5) Design the control scheme.
6) Able to assemble and integrate mechanical modules.
7) Wiring and programming the PLC to implement the control scheme.
8) Identify non-conformance and propose solutions.
9) Explain the concept and classification of cost accounting
10) Determine the costing and control for material
11) Identify break-even and cost-volume-profit analysis
12) Apply standard costing
A competent individual should be equipped with the following knowledge:
1) Phases of design & build projects
2) Elements of automation
3) Specification of automation
4) Feasibility study and proposal
5) Mechanical design using CAD.
6) Selection of standard modules and components
7) Robots and Electro-pneumatics in automation
8) Control scheme specification and design.
9) Create function block diagram for automation processes.
10) Hardware and software of PLC
11) Assembly of mechanical components & modules and wiring
12) Cost accounting concept and classification
13) Costing and control for material
14) Break-even and cost-volume-profit analysis
15) Standard costing
Candidates with ITE Nitec / Higher Nitec / NTC-2 / WSQ Advanced Certificate or equivalent qualifications with at least four years of relevant experience in the manufacturing/precision engineering industries.
Training Provider Information
Nanyang Polytechnic
Course Contact Information
Mr Yeo Teck Cher