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18-04-2022 - 30-09-2024

SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG)
Full Time and Part Time
A competent individual must be able to successfully perform the following in accordance with organizational procedures:
1. Identify the relevant productivity indicators
2. Determine productivity improvement
3. Identify the wastes of production
4. Identify the key manufacturing performance measures
5. Identify the steps required to achieve performance to drive productivity improvement
6. Perform inventory classification using ABC analysis    
7. Determine number of Kanban required
8. Determine production capacity
9. Identify manufacturing lead time elements and areas for improvement
10. Draft productivity improvement implementation plan
A competent individual should be equipped with the following knowledge:
1) Productivity Concept
- Definition of productivity
- Productivity measurement
- Factors affecting productivity
2) Production Management and Lean Manufacturing
- Elements of production
- Types of production systems
- Objectives of production and inventory control
- Lean manufacturing and productivity improvement areas
- Types of inventory
- Procedure of performing ABC analysis
- Kanban rules and types
3) Process Flow Improvement and Input Resource Management
- Just-in-time single piece flow and pull systems
- Definition and types of capacities
- Lead time management
- Standard work elements
- Set-up reduction
- Total productive maintenance
- 5S & Kaizen
- Productivity improvement implementation checklist and steps required for a successful implementation
Candidates with ITE Nitec / Higher Nitec / NTC-2 / WSQ Advanced Certificate or equivalent qualifications with at least four years of relevant experience in the manufacturing/precision engineering industries.
Training Provider Information
Nanyang Polytechnic
Course Contact Information
Mr Yeo Teck Cher