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The objective of the interactive training is to enhance the digital marketing competencies of marketing personnel in Singapore and to accelerate this transformation by delivering bite-sized yet comprehensive, short-duration yet outcome-focused training programmes to maximise transfer of learning to our learners’ daily work processes.
1) Explain how selected marketing strategies are able to support overall organisational business goals and objectives.
2) Recognize the emerging trends and developments in marketing strategy, channels, tools and technology and their differences.
3) Describe the purpose and benefits of utilizing an integrated marketing strategy structure
4) Recognize the key performance indicators for various marketing channels to effectively determine the performance of marketing campaigns
5) Identify new marketing channels and platforms and appropriately select a combination of them for monitoring to increase brand awareness, customer engagement and sales conversion.
6) Develop an integrated marketing strategy by being able to distinguish between the pros and cons of both traditional offline and online digital marketing methods for effective integration of marketing strategies from both channels.
7) Determine performance metrics and set SMART performance targets for marketing channels chosen.
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Supervisory, Operational, Managerial
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18-01-2023 to 06-07-2023
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