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18-02-2020 - 31-03-2021

10-10-2020 - 30-06-2025

SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG)
Part Time
The course will equip participants with a comprehensive understanding and application of systematic data collection, presentation, analysis and developing insights for making people related decisions by exploring the vast amount of data and information about employees already existed in the organisations for better people related decision making. The course will also help learners to identify the most effective way of exploring approaches of collecting data and information not presently existed in the organisation for analysis. In the last decades, with the advance of data science and availability of low cost but powerful software tools, human resource analytics is now considered an essential tool for any strategic human resource management decision making framework. This course serves as a timely development and up-skilling for human resource professionals, new and experienced,  to acquire these essential tools which will be a minimal requirement in the developing Industry 4.0 era.
It provides learners with knowledge & skills for human resource Analysis capability. Through a project/assignment, learners will develop & acquire the necessary skills & expertise to carry out fundamental HR Analytics & Insights.

The main topics covered:
-The Business Case for HR Metrics
-Definition & scope of HR Analytics
-Prepare HR Analytics with data governance to identify, collect & prepare data for analytics & benchmarking
-Data availability & sources & data cleaning approaches
-Identify data availability in the entire Employment Lifecycle
-Analyse financial & HR data with data mining techniques
-Create insights & foresights with appropriate analysis of data relationship, interpretation & insights for strategic decision making
-Types of HR related data/metrics & their effective interpretation & presentation with dashboard & visualization tools
-Develop HR Metrics & Analytics in various key stages of Employment Lifecycle
-Basic statistics in HR Analytics
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Managerial, Supervisory, Operational
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Ms Lynn Koo