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SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG)
Part Time
The Transport Operations module is part of the Diploma in Logistics (Freight Management) course and most of the Transport Operations module will be delivered as part of the full qualification though it can also be delivered in standalone format when the demand arise. The research for the Need for Course section is done both at the Diploma in Logistics (Freight Management) course level and module specific levels as there are many common areas between the modules. The research findings will be presented at the full qualification level with specific details for individual modules
• Understand the processes involved in the various supply chain functions from planning, purchasing, freight, warehousing and distribution. Be able to develop and adapt processes to industry requirements and standards to meet cost and customer service requirements
• Develop procedures and practices based on the quality and regulatory standards and ensure compliance
• Manage operational trade-offs between cost, service and risks
• Adapt and plan for use of technology to improve efficiency and quality of logistics operations
• Facilitate the implementation of technology initiatives from requirements gathering, solution design and user training and review
• Prepare documentation and manage information related to the various logistics function
• Harness logistics information for planning and performance review
Have basic logistics skills in warehouse operations
Basic computers skills
Basic Microsoft Excel, Word, Power point skills
Completed and passed the online quiz
Not Specified
Managerial, Supervisory, Operational
Training Provider Information
Singapore Polytechnic
Course Contact Information
Others SP PACE Academy