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10-10-2020 - 23-01-2021

28-01-2021 - 23-01-2025

SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG)
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At the end of this module, the learner is able to gain the following:
 Methodology to create a content marketing plan
 Identify target customer groups and determine content objectives for all stages of the customer lifecycle
 Best practices of companies using content for inbound marketing
 Overview of email and content marketing tools for content creation, management & promotion
 Design and create effective email campaigns for lead nurturing using email marketing tools
 Analyse data to improve on content performance, distribution of content and customer engagement
 Create and execute email and content marketing strategy and plan 
 Create and promote content for lead generation, nurturing, conversion and engagement
 Create lead magnets and content upgrades to build subscriber lists
 Segment and create targeted email campaigns for all stages of customer lifecycle
 Use Google Analytics to understand effectiveness and recommend improvements in content
01 Content Planning
02 Content Creation
03 Content Promotion
04 Content Optimisation
05 Fundamentals of Email Marketing
06 List Building Strategy & Segmentation
07 Effective Email Content
08 Email Marketing Campaigns
09 Email Marketing Optimisation
The learner will perform e-learning and assignments for the “Instructional Units” with online support from the mentors. Subsequently, the learner will perform a modular project with the guidance of an industry expert who plays the role of "Project Mentor".
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