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SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG)
Part Time
•Explain the organisational and professional standards relating to communication
•Communicate organisational communication policies and procedures to staff and monitor their compliance
•Explain aspects to consider when maintaining channels of communication at the workplace
•Communicate latest and relevant work-related information to staff using appropriate communications channels
•Explain barriers to effective communications
•Promote effective communication among staff taking into account diversity issues
•Apply methods to coach staff in using effective communication techniques
•Use appropriate communication techniques and tools to suit different communication styles of people in formal and informal settings
•Explain the possible causes of conflict
•Apply various methods to validate information and history of conflict
•Assess conflict situation and develop appropriate conflict resolution strategies
•Resolve conflict using appropriate conflict resolution strategies, approaches and techniques
Learning Unit 1: Organisational Communications Policies and Procedures
Learning Unit 2: Channels of Communication
Learning Unit 3: Promote Effective Communication
Learning Unit 4: Communication Techniques and Tools
Learning Unit 5: Assess Conflict Situations
Learning Unit 6: Resolve The Conflict
Not Specified
Operational, Supervisory
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Mr Bhuvan